Get Fit Mens Running Shoes

When my last pair of Hi-Tec Silver Shadow running shoes finally gave up the ghost I looked around for a replacement for these rather large and old fashioned shoes which gave me the support and comfort I needed for middle distance road runs. The Get Fit Air Bubble Trainer looked OK and had decent reviews and for the budget price of £13.99, I thought I would give them a try.

The shoes arrived nicely packaged and presented at a level above their budget price. Just the shoes were in the box with no paperwork or information about them. Build quality looked fine, the shoes certainly appeared well made and fit for purpose.

I had read from other reviews that these shoes are something of a snug fit and that is certainly the case. I got them on OK after a brief struggle and they seemed comfortable enough and so lightweight I hardly knew I had them on. I took them for a 10K road run and throughout they felt OK although on one foot they did pinch a bit. When I got back I discovered one shoe was soaked in blood caused by the pinching effect. As with many similar running injuries the actual wound was very small and looked far worse due to the blood seeping across the front of the shoe. One trouble with running I have found is that I tend to ignore and just run through what feels like a minor discomfort only to pay the price upon my return.

I should have paid more attention to the other reviews and just sent the shoes back rather than assuming I  could just break them in. I am going to hang on to the shoes and will use them for lightweight exercise at home. I still feel the shoes are fundamentally a good buy but I would advise getting a pair at least one size larger than normal and ensuring there is plenty of wiggle room within them before taking them on a run.

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