Clean Pulse One – Countertop Water Flosser

There are many very similar countertop dental flossers available but this one is perhaps the most nicely presented I have seen and is certainly one of the most inexpensive.

In the attractive mid-market product box was the flosser itself, aUK Power Supply Unit, a set of three colour coded standard heads, Tongue Scraper, Orthodontic Tip, Pocket Tip, Bush Head tip, and a User Guide. The User Guide is large, well printed and easy to read and I enclose a scan of it in my unboxing video.

Build quality seems fine for the price and this is one of the nicest and most comprehensive countertop flossers I have tested. Take note that this device is not designed for UK bathroom use as it does not come with the two pin plug needed for UK use. It can be used in the kitchen, bedroom or other rooms without issue.

The main unit consists of a 600ml water tank with water level indicators on the front and which is replenished by filling through the removable lid. On the front is the large three position rotary control dial with above the storage location for the handheld nozzle unit with feed tube from the integral pump situated in the lower part of the device. The handheld nozzle has two controls, one where the head is inserted to select water pressure and the large Pause switch on the handle itself to turn the water flow off and on. On the base is the socket for the power supply input and a water tank valve.

Using the device is easy enough. After filling the tank with water, connecting the power supply lock the head unit of choice in place by inserting firmly to the nozzle handing whilst pressing the securing ring.  Press the button in the centre of the control dial to turn the device on and select the mode required by rotating the dial. Push the switch on the nozzle handle to select the water pressure and then press the pause switch on the nozzle handle to start the water flow. There are three modes available selected using the rotary dial on the main unit of the device: Clean (thirty-second jet followed by a short pause for up to three minutes), Massage (pulsing water flow), and Fresh (for use with a 5% saline solution only). The device will shut down after three minutes or by pressing the rotary dial button. Use of the specialised heads is explained in full in the excellent User Guide.

As a long-term user of these devices I was pleased with the power of the device, often flossers can only manage a rather feeble flow, not so here. I usually use it in Clean mode and switch to Massage modes for the gums. The 600ml water tank is more than enough for a cleaning session and can be quickly refilled from the tap.

This is an excellent device, works well, and compares well to similar units from high-end rivals. The current price of just £23.90 on Amazon makes it an attractive buy even with the bathroom use limitations.

The Good
Great price
Effective Cleaning
Quiet in use
Three cleaning modes
Multiple Heads Included
Excellent User Guide
The Bad

Not for UK bathroom use

More Info and Purchase