COOLtry No Battery Wireless Doorbell


Most wireless doorbells require a mains connection or batteries for the button push doorbell, not so here as this mechanical action of pressing the doorbell generates sufficient charge to alert the ringers. That aside this is a well made but otherwise pretty standard wireless two ringer doorbell

Inside the plain unmarked white box was the bell push and two ringer units with UK plugs, two mounting screws, double-sided sticky pad mount and a well written and easy to follow User Guide which I append to my unboxing video.

Build quality seems fine. Everything is made of plastic but feels well well made and robust. Nothing seems flimsy or liable to fail anytime soon. The bell push is IP55 waterproof, which means it is fine even in all but the heaviest rain but does not immerse it in water or train water jets on it. The bell push has a proper clicky easy to see mechanical button.  The ringer units have an integral UK plug and again seems well made and robust. On the front of each ringer is a large blue LED display with below it two backlit buttons, one to select the alert sound, the other to select the volume level. The audio for each ringer is controlled separately and offers a choice of 51 audio alerts and tunes  at four volume levels The tradition Ding-Dong default is still the best in my opinion. The large bright blue LEDs illuminate when ringing, handy for the hard of hearing. The LED’s are bright but not too much so, as some rivals are. The ringer units are not waterproof so don’t be tempted to use it on an outdoor socket.

Mounting it was very simple as could be using the double-sided sticky mount. If you plan to mount onto an uneven surface then pre-cut screw holes are available. The range is the longest I have seen for a battery-free doorbell with up to 200m/650ft  being claimed and I have no reason to doubt this. The doorbell and ringers are paired straight from the box but if necessary this can be done again by simply pressing the doorbell transmitter button and ringer volume down button together for four seconds.

This simple and easy to fit little doorbell should be perfect for a small house or flat. For a battery-free twin ringer wireless doorbell, the current Amazon price of £19.99 is excellent.

The Good
200M range
Great price
Good build quality
Easy to configure
Excellent User Guide
No Batteries Needed
Bright Visual Ringer Alert

The Bad
Not Suitable for extended range Use

More Info and Purchase