Sannysis Weekly Medicine Storage Organizer

This has to be the least expensive item I have ever thought worth reviewing. The reason I am reviewing this little pill box really is to register my amazement at the price. £0.81 including shipping, like Suzanne’s oranges, all the way from China. In other colours for some reason, the price goes up to £1.52.

The pillbox arrived packed in a plastic display bag and included a short metal chain so the box can be suspended or fixed to a key ring. No paperwork of any kind was included or required.

The pillbox itself is excellent. It is made from robust transparent plastic with seven compartments each clearly marked with the days of the week. Each compartment lid clicks firmly in place with no sign of popping open. Each daily compartment is large enough to hold up to a dozen or so small sized pills and probably about five larger Spansules.  On the end is a small and rather feeble plastic eyelet for the supplied mini-chain.

I would be happy enough keeping my weekly medicines in this box even when inside a suitcase or rucksack away from home. The eyelet aside, the pillbox is tough, well made and robust and answers all my needs. Hopefully, it should spare me now from the agony of wondering if I really did take my pills today or am I remembering it from yesterday…

How can they sell it so cheaply? It seems that the UK government offers free shipping to small mainland Chinese vendors and so that subsidy coupled with cheap labour means they can easily undercut British or other manufacturers.