BECROWMEU Wyze Camera Wall Mount Bracket


Sadly the UK Amazon listing for this camera housing has changed since mine was delivered and now the listing is just for the smaller wall mount at a reduced price of £5.99. However, UK Amazon offers several similar rivals such as Silicone Cover Protective Skin for iSmart Alarm Spot Camera and the original can still be found here Wyze Camera Wall Mount Bracket.

I use the excellent iSmartalarm home security system which offers an easy self install alarm system with a range of features and options. However, for some reason, an external camera is not amongst them but third option external mounts such as the one under test are available at sensible prices. This mount fits the iSmartalarm Spot+ camera as well as the physically identical Wyze Cam popular in the USA but new to the market in the UK.

In the plain product box was the camera housing and two mounts, one a conventional ball and socket mount with screw attachment to the rear of the camera housing, the other a flush fitting square fixture into which the built-in camera base can be easily slotted. screw fitting kits are included for each mount. No instructions or paperwork of any kind were in the box. Build quality seems OK with the mounts made from lightweight plastic with metal for the ball and socket joint assembly on the bigger mount.

Both mounts screw to the wall using the supplied screws/wallplug kits. The smaller flush mount allows the flat base of the camera to be easily and quickly slotted in place but of course, offers no protection from the elements.

The larger mount uses three screws to fix to the wall with a ball and socket assembly to screw to the rear of the camera housing. The weather resistant camera housing resembles a tiny house with overlapping eaves and sides that fully cover and wrap around the camera body. If fitted correctly I see no reason why it should not protect the camera well from all but the worst weather conditions. The built-in camera stand needs to be folded flat to allow it to be slotted in place into the housing. getting it out of the housing is slightly more difficult as the housing sides have to be pulled apart to get it free. There is a ridge on the housing rear to allow the USB power cable access to the port in the rear of the camera but it works best with lightweight slim-fitting cable otherwise it may force the housing sides away from the camera allowing water to enter. Some reviewers have commented that screwing the ball and socket joint too firmly into the rear of the mount can cause it to deform and bow outwards and this is indeed the case. This again means that care needs to be taken when installing the mount to prevent water access. When fitted and in place, the camera is secure and unlikely to fall off but it may move if located in a windy position, so again take this into account.

Even taking those points into account this is an excellent way of adding an external camera to the iSmartalarm and related camera systems although additional cabling and connectors may be needed to get there. I will review the other items needed in due course.

For the £10.99 I paid I am now able to securely mount a weather protected external camera to my home security system.