GXZB Wyze Cam 1080p



Since ordering the first camera which worked OK despite clearly not being an official Wyze product (Wyze not yet being available directly in the UK) I went ahead and ordered two more.
Neither was recognised by the Wyze app and although by guessing the meaning of the Chinese voice prompts I was able to get it on my LAN I still cannot find any software to use with the camera. I read that the MiHome would work but no. I suspect some of the cameras they sell are limited to work in mainland China only.
You might be lucky and get a working model but maybe not.
I contacted the Amazon supplier for a refund or support but got no response and had to claim my money back directly from Amazon.
In conclusion, I strongly suggest you do not buy this camera.

This camera will be familiar to users of the iSmartalarm security system as it is physically identical to their own rather more expensive Spot+ camera and in fact, it can also be found rebadged by several other manufacturers from multiple suppliers. There are a few minor physical differences, the plastic used for the iSmartalarm version has a gloss finish, but the main difference is in firmware which means that you cannot use the Wyze camera with the iSmartalarm alarm system.

In the small and neat little box was the camera itself, a USA two pin USB adapter, a stylish white flat format USB to micro-USB cable and a Chinese only User Guide. Separately packaged was a UK to USA plug adapter. Build quality for all is excellent and as good as that of iSmartalarm. One thing missing was the neat and handy sticky-backed magnetic wall mount found with the dearer rival. The Wyze cam base is still magnetic and will attach to any flat metal surface but it is a great pity the simple to use mount was left out. Do not worry too about the USA two pin PSU as the Wyze camera will work using any standard USB power socket.

Setting the device up was easy enough even for non-Chinese speakers as a walk through English language install guide is included with the Wyze Android/iOs app which needs to be installed and registered before configuring the camera. This is done by inputting your home wifi login and password to the app and then scanning the bar code generated by the app with the camera.

Once connected a range of features are on offer: motion detection (with zones and tagging), sound detection, external alarm sound Detection, timeLapse video, two-way audio, night vision, continuous recording, app push notifications.  The camera comes with free cloud recording for unlimited 12-second recordings stored for up to one week. You can also store recorded video directly onto a micro-SD card (not supplied) in the camera base.

The camera is not waterproof and is designed for indoor use only. However, there are a range of external mounts with which it can be used successfully outdoor. One such is the BECROWMEU Wyze Camera Wall Mount Bracket which I use myself.

Video quality really is excellent as along with the iSmartalarm and other clones is the best I have used at this price point and considerably above it.

Priced at less than £25 this budget wireless IP cam is by far the best I have ever tried in this price range offering excellent image quality together with free cloud storage and other advanced features.

The Good
Great price
Great Image Quality
UK Adapter Included
USB Powered
Good Android App
Easy to Configure
Free Cloud backup
SD Card recording

Timelapse Recording

The Bad
No magnetic mount
No English User Guide
Two Pin PSU

No SD card Included

More Info and Purchase