SODIAL IP55 Waterproof Square Junction Box


As part of a plan to install an external USB powered camera I needed an external housing for the junction of two cables. The junction had to be outside as I had to use a short flat format cable to feed the signal outside through the double glazed window lock. Priced at just £2.60 including shipping from China this seemed a good buy.

The box arrived packed simply in a plastic display bag with no paperwork or other items included. A wall mounting screw set and some simple instructions would have been a nice bonus but they are not really needed and for the price who can quibble.

The 82g 85 x 85 x 50mm box is made of reasonably thick plastic and is rated IP55 waterproof which means it should be fine in normal UK weather conditions but do not immerse in water or subject to high-pressure water jets. The box has seven grommet protected cable entry ports and knock-out panels on the inside to facilitate wall mounting. The 7 1 inch ports have a removable rubber grommet which should be suitable for almost all sized of cable. It is important to ensure these entry points are watertight so to feed a cable in just make a small hole in the rubber grommet and force the cable through to ensure it seals around the cable. Do not cut too large an opening or try and use it with multiple cables together as water will be sure to find a way in. If you remove the grommet to cut it again ensure it is correctly replaced with the plastic case inside the rubber grommet groove. The box lid will snap firmly shut but there is an access point for a screwdriver tip to prise it open.

I have to say I have been very pleased with this box which I am hopeful will withstand the rigours of an English winter.

The Good
Good Price
7 Access Ports
Self Sealing grommets
Easy Open Lid

The Bad
Ships From China
No Wall mounting screws

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