EasySMX Cool 2000 Gaming Headset




Available for £18.99 on Amazon this has to be judged as a budget item but in fact, you get quite a lot for your money here with the new gaming headset from EasySMX.

The device arrived nicely presented in a mid-range branded display box. Inside the box were the headset itself, headset splitter cable and a large and easy to read  User Guide which I include at the end of my unboxing video.

The headset seems nicely made, robust and strong, and quite attractively designed compared to some gamer headsets I have tried – which is not necessarily saying much. It is well padded on both the earcups, which are of the over-ear type, and on the headband which has a soft sling beneath a rigid frame. It is lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear even for long gaming sessions. The headset does not support Bluetooth, as an increasing number do now, but does have a dual cable adapter to allow for separate mic/audio connections – green for headset, red for the microphone. The splitter adapter’s standard 3.5mm plug allows the headset to be used with mobile phones and other devices with combined microphone and audio socket. The earcups and microphone tip have bright blue LED’s when connected using the USB plug and in fact, this is the only purpose of the USB plug as USB audio is not supported and there is no built-in vibration engine.  There are no in-line controls but instead, all the controls are on the headset: volume control rotary dial, microphone On/Off and, unlike with most rivals, a separate switch to turn the LED lights On and Off.

How is the sound?

The audio quality is excellent and worthy of a higher priced device and one of the best I have tried in this budget price range. There is plenty of bass, not so much as to be overpowering, with the mid and higher frequencies being clear and well defined without being too sharp or abrasive. When both gaming and listening to music it is becomes a very immersive and enjoyable experience. When making calls the audio quality from the mic was fine with my caller saying my voice was clear, undistorted and easy to understand.

As headphones for general listening, this headset is excellent for the price. As a purely gaming headset, it less attractive. The mic has been improved but I would still prefer a clearer sound. It is worth saying again that the USB connection is to power the LED lights and not to allow for system-level interaction with a gaming console.

These are a large and well-made set of headphones described as being for gamers but really they are fine for general purpose listening with a full and rich sound not often found at this price. If you are a serious gamer and prepared to pay more, particularly a console user then my advice would be to keep looking. If you are looking for a budget headset for music, PC Gaming and general use then this would be a good buy.

The Good
Good sound
Great price
Good build quality
Comfortable to wear
LED Illumination
Audio/Mic adaptor
Adjustable mic position
No Drivers needed

Passive noise reduction

The Bad
Not Suitable for some gaming consoles

No vibration Engine

More Info and Purchase