Base Camp Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light


This well made £29.99 cycling helmet from Base Camp arrived simply packaged with no branded product box. Although the headset was perfectly well protected the lack of a display box does make it rather less appealing as a gift. Inside the box was the helmet itself, a drawstring carry bag and a small but well-written User guide. I include a copy of the User Guide in my unboxing video.

Build quality of everything seems fine although of necessity rather lightweight being made of plastic and EPS foam. The LED light and battery seem watertight and rain proof but no IP rating is given. I would not expect any problems in normal UK rain. The helmet is fully adjustable between medium to large sizes (22 to 24 inches) with a quick release buckle The inner sponge lining is held in place by a clip and can easily be removed for cleaning.

The headset is a standard one in many respects and from a distance looks the same as the rest. Indeed I suspect it is a generic model rebranded for different suppliers. That is fine by me and in fact and this one is a shade less costly than some rivals I have seen.  It has a bright red multi-LED warning light on the rear which can be switched turn on/off or switched between flashing and always on modes using the switch built into the light itself. This is awkward to reach and the rider would need to stop in order to do so. The light is powered by a CR2032 watch type battery. Although these batteries are inexpensive and widely available it is a pity that a rechargeable battery was not used. The light needs to be removed from the rear of the helmet which is best done using a flat screwdriver to ease it out as it is a tight fit and held in place by pressure only.

A good quality helmet is a necessity for all cyclists these days and the addition of the safety light is a great bonus. This is an excellent lightweight safety helmet and would be a worthwhile addition to any cyclists kit.

The Good
Good price
Powerful Rear Light
Carry Bag
Good User Guide
Padded lining

Adjustable size

The Bad
Budget packaging
Light switch awkward to use

Watch type battery used

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