EasySMX Wireless Game Controller ESM-9013

Available now from Amazon for £17.99, this is one of a range of new gaming devices from EasySMX. This rather less expensive than the high-end rivals and less than half the price of the  Microsoft Xbox 360 controller which it closely resembles. This device is very similar to the EasySMX KC-8236 I reviewed from EasySMX but has a few crucial differences.

The device in a simple but attractive branded product box containing the controller, mini USB transceiver, and a well printed if rather a small User Guide. I append a scan of the User Guide to my unboxing video.

The mini USB stick is as you would expect it to be and seems well made and robust. It has no status LED to confirm power connection and the USB stick has no printed logo and so is hard to identify if mislaid. The controller has a matt black finish with red piping and sports all the usual buttons in the standard configuration: A, B, X, Y buttons, LB, RB buttons, left and right triggers, Start and Back buttons, two clickable mini-joysticks, an 8-way D-pad, and Home button. Unlike the earlier model, this one has a Turbo button between the two joysticks. It has blue LEDs incorporated into the Home Button. It has a simple dual-mode vibration motor for alerts and in-game use. It promises and I found delivers over twenty hours of gaming use from the two AA batteries it requires, another change from the other model which features a rechargeable battery.

The device should work with almost any gaming device that uses USB, including Fire Stick, PS3, Android etc. I tested it with my Windows 10 PC and it worked perfectly as soon as the USB stick was inserted with no need for additional drivers or software. The construction feels reassuringly robust and ergonomically friendly in the hand. The buttons and controls are all easy to use and resistance free. I must say I noticed a slight latency with the two analogue sticks caused by the distance they need to be pushed before becoming active. However, this is something that can be worked around, I daresay, with experience.

This is an excellent product for the money. High-level gamers may be prepared to pay out much more for the slightly smoother gaming experience and reduced latency of a pro level controller but for most gamers, this new controller should offer all they need.

The Good
Great price
Good Build Quality
Good User Guide
Standard Button Configuration
Standard micro-USB interface

Uses standard AA batteries

The Bad
No USB stick logo

No USB stick LED