iLintek Colour Changing Smart WiFi LED Light Strip



I have tried plenty of LED strip lights before, many of them with remote control but this is the first new generation model I have tried with full Amazon/Google voice control integration.

Unlike many budget rivals, this package is nicely presented, contains all you need and does not feel like a cheap import. In the well designed and attractive product was the 2M strip itself on a film style reel, a control box, a  power supply with standard UK plug and 1.2M cable, a sticky mount for the control box, cable mount kit with screws, LED strip extension connector, and a well-printed colour User Guide.

Build quality seems first rate, with all the kit appearing well made and robust. Unlike with many rivals, the User guide is genuinely useful and I reproduce the most important pages in my unboxing video. Much of the User Guide concerns the iLinTek app which I myself do not use and which is simple and intuitive to use.

Planning is important so first work out where the cabling can be routed out of sight, the best place for the light strip etc. I would suggest connecting it up on your workbench before fixing it in place and then set up Alexa/Google integration before sticking the LED tape down. You may need to cut the LED strip to the length you need, the cut marks are clearly indicated on the strip. Clean the mounting surface first to ensure good adhesion and you may even want to use a few clear plastic cable cleats to keep it in place for long term use. You may also wish to fit an extension strip if the 2M strip supplied is not long enough – the six pin male/male adapter needed is included in the kit but take care not to lose it as it is tiny. Make sure you select a six pin LED strip extension and not the older four pin type.

Setting the device up is simple enough. Connect the power supply to the control box and the control box to the LED strip. I found this last step a bit fiddly as it was a snug fit and I was worried about bending the pins, but after a few careful pushes, it was done. You can turn the strip on at this point and it should flash rapidly to show it is in setup mode. If it does not flash just hold the control box button for a few seconds until it starts. You now open the iLintek app which you should have already downloaded, installed and registered and follow the on-screen prompts to install a new lighting appliance. You can then rename the device to one better suited to voice control. You can now control it from the app and Alexa/Google should automatically recognise it. I should add that the strip works just as well with the SmartLife app and in fact, that is the one I prefer as I already use it for a range of other Alexa controlled devices.

Using Alexa/Google you can now turn the light strip On or Off, change colours and apply a range of other effects. It can also be incorporated into automated routines using Alexa, Google or IFTTT to come on or change settings when a range of selected external events take place.

This is an excellent device and although at £25.99 it is not the cheapest I have seen, the build quality, detailed documentation and versatility make it a cut above older budget rivals.

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