SGYD Plug & Play USB Desktop Microphone


At just £15.99 you cannot really expect too much, and certainly this is no Sennheiser but in fact and for the price, this is indeed a good buy.

In the simple, plain but robust product box was just the microphone itself,  and a well written but rather small printed User guide. Build quality seems fine for the price. As you might expect for the price everything is made of plastic and feels lightweight but nevertheless seems well made and robust. The microphone has a USB interface with a hard-wired 0.9M cable. The microphone and stand are medium sized at 10.3″ high on a 3.3″ base but when sits neatly on the office desk and looks the business. The microphone has an Off/On switch on the base with status confirmation LED. The cable is hard wired which is a pity as a standard detachable USB lead would have been better as any USB cable could have been used. There is a foam pop filter on the microphone itself which can be removed if needed,

Setting it up is simple enough, is well explained in the User Guide and in fact is exactly the same as with any other USB mic. No additional drivers were needed or installed on my Windows 10 machine. It really is just push and play.

The microphone works well with decent sound quality for the price and a no significant background hum or interference. If better audio quality is needed or for high-end music recording then expect to pay much more. For Skype, blogs and Youtube this budget microphone should be perfectly fine.

If you need a small and neat mic for Skype or other uses with your desktop PC and appreciate the attractive and stylish design this might be for you.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Good audio quality

Good User Guide

The Bad
No carry bag

Hardwired cable

More Info and Purchase