Qoolife Rechargeable Clip On Reading Light

This excellent little lamp from Qoolife arrived nicely presented in a robust product box making the product attractive enough for use as a gift. Inside the box aside from the lamp itself was a short non-standard USB charging lead and a simple one-sheet User Guide.

The product is nicely designed in glossy white plastic with a single large button on the top to switch between the three brightness levels. The crocodile jaws are strong and grip well and once in place the lamp feels pretty secure. The short gooseneck is very flexible and can be put into almost any orientation. The device can be mains powered and will operate when charging but it is primarily designed for use with the internal 1000mAh lithium polymer battery for which it claimed up to eight hours of use from a two-hour charge, which I have no reason to doubt it not the case. It is USB powered but no mains adapter is included along with a charging cable, no problem as we all have plenty of spare USB adapters these days. This leads to my only gripe with the product as the plug on the lamp end is non-standard. If a normal micro-USB port were used, as many similar devices do, then there would be no problem if the cable were lost. As it is if the cable is lost or damaged then the lamp becomes useless.

It is designed mainly for use with the crocodile jaws but will stand self-supported on the flat base but be aware that this limits how the gooseneck is used as the lamp is liable to topple over if it is extended too far out. Most people I expect will be using the clamp to support it and this works very well.

The main use I put it to is to read by at night and it clips neatly to my bedside table for this purpose. It also works well as a computer light and can be powered from a laptop USB port when doing so.

This is an excellent little lamp, good and bright and available now from Amazon for the very attractive price of £12.99.

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