HD HARUDONE 12m Fairy String Lights

I have tried plenty of LED string lights before and most of them are p[retty much the same. This new set from HD HARUDONE is rather different with a new design for the battery compartment.

To begin with, this set is longer than most with at 12M with no less than 120 LEDs, long enough to completely encase your Christmas Tree or drape the full length of your room or patio. Also unlike the rather feeble battery clip case included with most rivals, this one has a robust waterproof screw in case with the light pattern order clearly printed on it. This case holds 4 AA batteries rather than the three used by most rivals. It is a pity this new form factor could not have been modified to include a USB power port to allow for a permanent mains connection. No matter and in any case the new case comes with an integral hanging hook very useful to keep the battery case out of the way when it is set up. Most of the rival thin wire string lights of this time are only available in a single colour, usually white or warm white, and it is unusual to find a multicoloured set such as this.

The unit is designed for indoor or garden use and although no data sheet is supplied with it the Amazon listing tells me that it is IP44 waterproof and later that it is IP65 and then IP67 waterproof. Whichever it actually is it should be fine for normal garden use but take care that the battery case does not get immersed in water.

The light set has eight lighting pattern modes as well a dimming feature and this is controlled through the credit card sized remote control. As with all remotes of this type without proper clicky buttons, it can take be a bit of a nuisance to use but you soon get used to it. There is also a single button on the battery case which can turn the unit on and off and scroll through the light patterns.

The LEDs are good and bright and can be dimmed to a limited degree, left set to one colour, chase or set to a range of flashing or strobing options. In any setting, they look good and the extra length makes getting a good covering of lights an easy option.  Currently priced on Amazon at £9.99 (with a further 8% discount at time of writing) they represent a good buy indeed and should enhance your garden or look great on the yuletide tree.

The Good
Great price
Multi colour lights
Good Battery Case
IP44 Waterproof
Easy to use
Hanging hook

Extra long 12 string

The Bad
No USB option

Credit card format remote