Aperil Potato Grow Bag 3 pack


I have tried other grow bags, they work OK but are too often unattractive to look at and handle with a plastic or artificial feel to them. This £16.99 set of three 25.9L bags, one each in green, brown and black, is made from Nonwoven cloth which has a far more natural, earthy and organic ambience to it. The appearance of the bags is attractive and there is no need to hide them away when in use.

The bags are each just over thirteen inches in height with a thirteen-inch diameter. The bags are made from a nonwoven cloth which feels a bit like a felt and is soft and forgiving in use. The base is reinforced to prevent damage from stones and has incorporates drainage holes.  There is a large access panel near the bottom to facilitate the removal or potatoes or other tubers with a velcro panel above the opening to hold the flap open. Near the top are reinforced carry handles. The bags are light to carry but feel strong enough for sustained use. Although I have not tried it apparently the bags are washable and can be reused as required.

I have planted potatoes in mine but of course, it can be used for a wide variety of cropping plants. Too soon to say how the results will be for me but I have no reason not to be optimistic.

If you need new grow bags that are fun to use and look good and will not break the bank these could be a good buy.

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