Bedycoon Roku Universal Remote Control RC3067

In both the Amazon listings page and in the User Guide (scan at the end of my unboxing video) Bedycoon take pains to remind potential buyers that this replacement remote will not work with all Roku products. It should work with all the ones that are not solely controlled by a radio remote. In fact, many of them, like my Roku 3, will work with both radio and infrared remotes. However, be sure to check before purchasing.

The remote arrived just in a plastic bag inside a jiffy bag. It is a real shame that a more attractive way could not have been found to present this rather useful and well-made product. Also inside the bag was the free remote control cover and a simple but well-written User Guide.

The remote very closely resembles the remote that came with my Roku 3 but with a few additional buttons and with a matt rather than a gloss finish. On the top face are Power, Return and Home buttons, below that the standard Roku navigation buttons, below that a Back button, Source, Detail and track advance key presses. Below that are presets for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Sling with below that+ Channel up and down buttons and finally A and B  buttons. Nine of these can be preprogrammed, as needed. On the right side are volume up, down and Mute keys. On the back is the slide off battery compartment housing two AAA batteries. Build quality seems fine and perfectly good enough for sustained day to day use. Note that unlike with the Roku original remote there is no headphone socket or pairing button. Remember too that this is a line of sight infrared remote and needs to be pointed at the Roku to function.

The free silicone remote case is in fluorescent pink complete with cat ears and I rather like it as it makes this remote different from the rest and easy to find.

I thought I might have trouble getting my Roku to recognise the remote but in fact, it did so immediately. If you have problems just try rebooting the Roku box and it should detect it at once. All the keys worked as marked including the Netflix and Amazon dedicated keys.

A selling point of the device is that the keys can be programmed to the functions of your TV remote. Nine of the keys can be remapped, although the User Guide does not list them specifically. To pair a key press and hold the A and B buttons until the LED comes on and then press the key you want to remap. Then line up the remote to the other remote with their sensors around 3cm apart and press the key on that you wish to copy. The LED on the Bedycoon remote will then flash to indicate successful mapping and then stay lit to indicate you can now map another key. When done press the A and OK keys together to save and exit. The pairing will not work with all remotes. I was unable to recognise any key from my LG TV but was able to map keys from my Humax satellite box successfully.

This little remote is a great buy for the current Amazon price of just £14.99. It replaces almost all the functions of the old remotes and gives you multiple new ones and let’s not forget the fluorescent pink Cat Ear case too!