Reenuo Y-17 USB rechargeable Desk Fan


Do not be put off by the rather chunky looks of this new fan from Reenuo as in fact it is far more versatile and functional than it seems at first sight.

The fan arrived presented in a rather plain branded product box containing the fan, USB cable, two foam pads, two 18650 rechargeable batteries and a well written but small and hard to read User Guide.

The fan is quite large at 150x100x255mm but lightweight for the size. This is due to the use of plastic for almost all the fan assembly and can be looked on as either an advantage or disadvantage according to your needs. The lightweight makes it easy to move and reposition but the plastic construction makes it look and feel rather cheap, as does the rather dated appearance. However, the build quality is excellent and the fan seems robust and well made. The fan is rather large for use on a car dashboard but would be fine on that of a lorry, larger vehicle or desktop. It can also be desk or wall mounted, with a heavy-duty desk clamp mount and wall mount slots on the underside and of course, it can be used self-supporting using the integral base stand.

The fan has a single head that can be manually tilted upwards, downwards and side to side as well as oscillating automatically when the small button on the stand is pressed. Next to the button is a larger rotating dial that can be used to determine the fan speed and which can be adjusted steplessly to the rate required. The device can be powered either from the two 18650 rechargeable batteries included in the kit or directly from any USB power source using the micro-USB charging port on the side. A small blue LED lights up when the device is powered on. The fan will operate between six and forty hours on battery power depending on the fan speed selected. A short USB to micro-USB cable is included but no car power adapter is included  A set of two foam pads are included which fit into the rear of the fan to allow aromatherapy oils to be diffused from the unit.

The fan is almost silent in operation on the desktop, is considerably more powerful than I expected and gives a pleasant breeze across the desk when set to lower power. When set to maximum it can be compared to a normal 10″ office fan in output with about the same noise level.

This is a versatile, well made and very functional multi-use fan available at the time of writing for just £16.99 from Amazon. For the price, it is a very decent buy.
The Good
Good build quality
Stepless Fan Speed
Quiet operation
Great price
Wall/Surface/Clip Mounting
Battery/USB Power Options

Aromatherapy oil diffuser option

The Bad
Plastic Construction
Dated Design

Large Size