ALLY Men’s Water Repellent MTB Baggy Cycling Shorts

These are not usually the type of shorts that in I tend to favour but in fact, the build quality and attention to detail made in the design of these long shirts has won me over.

The shorts arrived simply presented in an unbranded ziplock bag with the shorts inside another bag within. The tailoring is excellent with no sign of any insecure seams or hanging threads. The shorts, made from a 92% Polyester, 6% Spandex and 2% PVC  blend seem robust, well made and suitable for sports and other outdoor pursuits.  They have an elasticated waist which can be fastened using velcro straps as well as pop studs. There are two pockets either side. The angled top pocket is fairly shallow but the lower one is good and deep with all the pockets secured by zippers. I have not yet tested them but I am told the fabric is water resistant. The shorts, at first sight, looked like they might be too heavy for sustained outdoor use but weighing in at just 0.7lb they feel light and airy when worn.

Sizing is often an issue when buying Chinese clothing and with that in mind, I ordered a size larger than I would normally do but in fact the shorts if anything are a comfortable loose fit on me.  I would suggest if you are usually a borderline L/XL then buy XL, if L is normally a loose fit for you then buy these in L. No doubt the other sizes are the same pro rata.

Prices seem the same across the range at £30.99, which is not cheap, but then you do get what you pay for and these are indeed a quality garment.