Tranya T3 Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Good True Wireless Headphones at one time were available only from high-end manufacturers at high-end prices. The first budget-priced TW earbuds were cheaply made, fiddly to configure and use, unreliable, prone to dropouts and almost always had poor sound quality.  Big name brands avoided these issues largely through the use of the latest Bluetooth 5 technology which until very recently was not available at to smaller suppliers at an affordable price. Now things are changing and even budget headsets like this one can make use of the extended range and functionality of Bluetooth 5. Will this new headset from Tranya be any better bearing in mind the low £39.99 price?

The new headset arrived in a small, simple but rather upmarket box. Inside were the earpieces themselves, charging case, a short USB to micro-USB charging cable, Three sets of gels (one prefitted), and a User Guide. The User Guide is well written and nicely printed but rather small and I enclose a scan of it in my unboxing video.

The case has an internal 800mAh battery – double the size of many rivals – which is charged using the supplied USB cable and it is the case battery which charges the earbud batteries. The case will be able to fully charge the 60mAh earbud batteries several times with each charge taking about an hour and a half from flat. There are LEDs on each bud to show battery status. The buds will switch off and charge automatically when placed into the case. The LED’s on the charging case shows the current charging case battery level.

Build quality seems fine although not quite up to the quality of  Jabra or other£150+ rivals. Build quality is not bad, nothing here looks likely to break anytime soon, but it lacks the premium feel of a set costing several times the price.

Setting up the Bluetooth earbuds was simple and far easier than with the old style rivals.
1. Remove both buds from the Charging Case and insert them in your ears. They will turn on automatically and give a Power On” voice prompt.
2. The buds will pair together automatically with another voice prompt and then give a voice prompt of “Pairing”.
3. On the Bluetooth screen of your smartphone select and pair with ‘T3-R’ and you will hear the voice prompt “Connected”.
That’s it, all done. Next time the buds will link together and to your phone automatically when taken from the charging case. The buds can also be used separately in mono mode and the excellent User Guide shows how to do this.

To switch off, just return them to the case.

Audio quality was fare better than I expected and better than many high-end rivals I have used.  There is excellent bass, as good as my Jabra Elite Sports,  and better than my Jabra 65T’s, with equally good treble but maybe some muddiness and clipping in the mid-range.  I have to say that these have one of the best bass responses I have yet heard from a TW bud set.

The headset has a microphone in each bud and can be used to receive and make calls and when testing I found the conversation was clear and audible both ends. Calls can be muted/rejected/ended/redialed by pressing the bud button. Tracks can be paused/played/advanced by short or long pressing the single earbud button. Double press the right button to increase audio volume, the left to decrease it. Track and audio controls are limited or not available on old style TW buds. Triple press either bud button to select your phone’s voice assistant.

Battery life is good and I have obtained over three hours of music playing time following a charge with no sign of a flat battery. The charging case is robust and well made and magnetically holds the buds in place although the case looks and feels cheaper than high-end rivals. The buds are IPX5 waterproof which means they should be fine in the UK rain but do not immerse them in water.

This headset is a fraction of the price the high-end market leaders from Jabra and others but gives them a run for their money as regards sound quality and features. It falls down slightly in build quality and has no app or other advanced features (not that I ever use them). These buds are smaller and lighter than the most and this is an advantage or otherwise according to your preference.

This is one of the best low to mid-priced TW headsets available and as the market cools down a new generation of well-specified good sounding budget devices such as this is emerging. In fact, had the build quality been to premium standards and the headset presented in a big fancy box of the type the posh rivals used then I would have been happy to pay £100+ for them.

The Good
Great audio quality
Good Build Quality
Magnetic Charging case
Voice prompts
Good battery life
Single bud operation option
Siri Integration
IPX5 Water resistant
Auto Off

Auto On

The Bad

Some slight mid tone muddiness