Mesily Unisex Slip On Trainers

These lightweight and very comfortable shoes from Mesily look like trainers but in fact, they are slip-ons with the elasticated laces tensioned by a drawstring in part for comfort and in part for show. I ordered blue/white but a range of colours are available.

The shoes arrived packed just in a plastic bag, which is a pity as it reduces their appeal as a gift and does not do justice to an excellent product.

These shoes are indeed very lightweight at just 300g the pair, hold them to the light and you can see through the weaved fabric of the uppers,  but with robust sole and firm binding. The uppers are made of an artificial mesh material and seem strong and tear resistant despite the light weight. The soles are of rubbery plastic and are pretty much as you would expect. These would be perfect for the beach or casual holiday wear. They can be folded and packed away to  6 cm × 6 cm × trainers length size and will dry quickly without deformation when wet. They are smart enough for casual wear or general use around the house. They are described as being suitable for running and sports use but I have to say that as a runner myself I would not be happy with them myself for that purpose. For me, they are perhaps too light in weight and with insufficient support around the heel. Of course, others may disagree.

Often shoes made for the Asian market are not well sized but these ones are not too bad. My normal size is a UK 9 (EU 43) and that is what I ordered and received. I found the shoes to be a close but not uncomfortable fit but next time I would probably go for a 9.5 as half sizes are available. My advice would be to select a half sizes larger than normal if you do not like a snug fit.

These are a well made and very comfortable light leisure shoe suitable for the beach and casual wear. The current Amazon price of £28.99 (plus a 10% reduction at the time of writing) whilst not a bargain is not unreasonable for decent quality footwear.

The Good
Light weight
Quick Drying

Easy to Pack

The Bad
Snug Fit

Poor Presentation