Nestling Bluetooth Sports Headphones

For just £10.99 I was not expecting very much from this new Bluetooth headset from Nestling. But in fact, I have to say this is probably the best budget-priced Bluetooth in-ear headset I have ever used.

The headset arrived in a small but attractive product box containing the headset, short micro-USB charging cable, cable clip,  one set of wings. No carry bag or information sheet was included, which was a pity, although such instructions as are needed can be found on the box. Build quality seems fine with the headset as well made and robust as any other I have tried of this type.

The headset consists of two Apple style earbuds with a short anti-tangle cable connecting them.  One side, about five inches below the earbud, is the control box which is quite substantial with three large but annoyingly flush fit buttons. The headset comes with just one set of silicon wings, a pity more could not be included, and cable clip to stop the cable and box flapping about.

Pairing to my phone as nice and easy with audio prompts to confirm pairing and connection and with the headset connecting automatically when powered on.

With the wings in place, I found the earbuds to be a very secure and wobble-free fit but when I tried them without the wings they fell out almost at once.  The control box works well with a short press of the +/-  buttons to change volume and a long press to jump tracks. The centre button turns the headset Off/On, pauses playback and accepts or rejects calls. This headset does not have the option to invoke Siri or Google Home assistants, but who needs that.

The main selling point for this headset has to be the audio quality. I was not expecting much from them, £10 headsets are not usually much good, but the sound here really is excellent with masses of strong punchy bass, clear and detailed mid tones and screech free highlights.

This a well made and robust budget priced Bluetooth Headset with a sound quality far above the price bracket.

The Good
Great price
Great Sound
Good Build Quality
Good Battery Life

Voice Prompts

The Bad
Poor Fir Without Wings
Only 1 Wing Set
No Bluetooth 5
No Carry Case
No AptX

No Personal Assistant