HD HARUDONE Mini Camera Fan

This unusual item is a fan with a built-in LED torch designed to resemble an oversized old style camera and which can be used slung from the neck or positioned on a flat surface using the enclosed stand. I can imagine this being popular in China but it is not an item I have seen for sale elsewhere here in the UK.

In the simple but nicely designed product box was the fan itself, a short USB charging cable, a desk stand, two aromatherapy oil pads, a neck strap, and a User Guide. Build quality of everything is lightweight but well made and the User Guide is well printed and easy to read.

The 12.6×8.6x4cm 163.64 fan has an internal non-removable 1800mAh battery which is charged using the supplied USB to micro-USB cable although no power adapter is included.  Looking at the device on the top there are two buttons, one for the fan and the other for the LED light, also on the top is an air outlet for the fan to deliver air upwards into the face when the fan is worn around the neck. On the front are the main air outlet and fan guard which incorporates a holder for an aromatherapy oil pad of which two are supplied, and the single flashlight LED. On the front also is a small battery status LED. On either side are neckstrap lanyard slots.

Using the device is simple enough. Short press the fan button to scroll through the three fan levels, which will give between two and nine hours of use depending on the selection. Short pressing the flash button will emit a short flash of light together with a camera shutter sound, long press the button to turn the flashlight on continuously.  The centre disc of the front air outlet can be removed to allow an aromatherapy effect to be achieved by placing one of the supplied pads soaked in oil into the aperture. Also included is a   kickstand which can be mounted on the rear of the camera for desk use.

This unusual personal fan was very clearly made for the domestic Chinese market and it is certainly not the sort of thing I can have seen on sale in the UK before. That said, it works well enough and for the low price of £14.99 might make a nice stocking filler gift for a youngster.