Ankway Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This clever and well-made wine bottle opener, perhaps electric corkscrew might be a better name, arrived nicely presented in an attractive mid-market product box inside of which was the device itself, a foil cutter, and an easy to read and well-written User Guide. Build quality seems excellent, the bottle opener is well made and robust with noting looking likely to fail anytime soon.

The device is quite large and consists of a metal tubular control panel and battery compartment (four AA’s, not included) with the below it the corkscrew protected by a clear acrylic sheath. It has two buttons, one to withdraw the cork from the bottle, the other to retrieve the cork from the device. The foil cutter is equally well made and is a small handheld unit held over the top of the bottle to cut the bottle seal as it is rotated.

Using the device is simple enough. Place the top of the bottle into the base of the unit with the corkscrew resting on the top of the cork. Press the top button and the screw enter the cork and pulls it up into the main body of the unit. It is important to hold the bottle firmly to prevent it rotating as this is done and also to ensure the device is accurately aligned to ensure the cork is pulled cleanly out. I found the best way is to place the bottle on a firm surface, position the corkscrew correctly with the left hand and press down as the top button is depressed whilst holding the bottle with the right hand. To extract the cork from the device, press the lower button and carefully take hold of the cork as it emerges from the device and let it unscrew itself.  There is a slight whirr from the motor when it is in operation but this is neither loud or grating.

The bottle opener has an attractive and upmarket design and that coupled with the soft blue light from the acrylic base and the lack of noise make it very acceptable for use at the dining table.

I am not quite sure how often I will use it myself as I am happy enough using more traditional methods to open a wine bottle, but if I needed to open multiple bottles or began to use this on a regular basis I might well change my mind. It is certainly easy to operate and works very well and looks good in the kitchen or on the dining table.

The current Amazon price of just £13.99 makes this a very decent buy indeed.

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