Nestling Walkie Talkie HK-688 3 Pack

This set of three walkie talkie radios is marketed as being for children and priced as such at just £23.99. In fact, this is a decent quality entry level radio transceiver kit that can be used in a variety of situations.

In the small but well designed branded product box were the three radios, three wrist straps, three belt clips and a small but nicely printed User guide. No headset, batteries or charger were included. Build quality seems fine and although light in weight the units do seem well made and robust.

Each unit has a stun antenna on top, a small monochrome backlit LCD panel, a Press To Talk (PTT) on one side and a grommet protected headset and power-in port bay on the other. On the front below the LCD panel are a small range of control buttons with below them a large speaker grill. On the rear is the battery bay with a removable hatch revealing four AAA batteries (not included). On the top next to the stub antenna is a LED light which can be turned on from the front panel and serves as a torch and location finder aid when the set is used at night.

Operating the set is easy enough and in fact, my set worked straight from the box with no configuration needed other inserting the batteries. Using the front panel keys you can change and select one of twenty-two channels, adjust the speaker volume, select and change one of ten ringtones, select PTT button or voice activated modes. From here you can also select auto scan mode in which the handset will look for active frequencies and auto select it when one is found.  Each handset can be used to talk either or both of the others together or separately. For most purposes in or around the home just make sure the handsets are set to the same channel and that is all you need. Press the Call/Lock button on the right side to make the other handsets ring to indicate you wish to talk. There is a warning tone for low battery status as well as a tiny on-screen display. The  LCD screen works OK and does its’ job but it is hard to see but then in normal use, you rarely need to consult it.

For such a low price it is inevitable that corners have been cut. This has been done not at the expense of the features of the walkie talkie set but rather by not including some non-essential add-ons. That means there are no cases included, no rechargeable batteries or charger (the unit can be used with standard AAA or rechargeables), and no headset.

The range is said to be up to three miles over a line of sight flat surface with as little as 300M in built-up areas. I have not tested these limits but can confirm that it works for me all around the house and garden and to a nearby field about a mile away. That is enough for my needs, anything more and I would use my mobile phone.

This is a decent quality little transceiver kit, works well and is easy to use. Build quality seems fine for the price with the only corners cut being in the lack of non-essential accessories. This is marketed as a toy but in fact, can be very much more than that.

The Good
Great Price
Good Build Quality
22 Channels
Easy to Operate

PTT/Voice Options

The Bad
No Rechargeable Batteries
No Charging Cable
No Protective Cases
No Headset

Not Waterproof