LC dolida Sleep Sports Bluetooth Headband

The first thing that struck me about this excellent product was face glaring out at me from the front of the otherwise plain product box. Strange but curiously arresting marketing… No matter that does not detract from the quality of this otherwise excellent product.

Inside the box along with the headband itself, was the control pod with hardwired 3.5mm jack plug, plastic waterproof control pod case, two seal plugs for the headband audio socket, audio cable, USB charging cable and a User Gude. The build quality of everything seems fine, well-made and with a quality feel to it. It is a pity, however, no carry bag for the headband and accessories was included.

The headband is nicely padded, comfortable and easy to wear. The speakers do not seem to be removable, unlike with similar products I have tried, and since the product is described as washable, I suppose this must be done with the speakers in place. Personally, I would take great care when doing so and make sure to insert one of the water plugs into the headphone socket. The headband can be used either as a normal headset using the supplied standard audio cable to connect to a phone or iPod or by using the Bluetooth control pod. I was very pleased to see that the latest Bluetooth 5 technology was has been used for this as this will greatly improve the sound quality, range and connection. The User Guide is well written in good English, nicely printed and easy to read. I append a scan of it to my unboxing video.

Pairing the pod to the phone is a matter of just pressing the single button and following the voice prompts. Using the button with long, short bor multiple presses allows calls to be made, received and rejected, to pause/play music and turn the device off. There are Up and Down buttons to regulate volume and navigate tracks. A single large and rather bright LED on the clip-on pod shows the current device status.

I prefer to use this headset for listening to music when in bed as it allows me to comfortably rest my head on the pillow when laying on my side, not possible easily with normal headphones and often uncomfortable with in-ear or True Wireless models. The headband is a little tight for me but for those with smaller heads, it would be perfect. It is soft and padded and the speakers do not press into the ears or feel intrusive in any way. I would feel it a little restrictive to wear for sports use but others may disagree. The control pod can either hang free or can be attached to clothing or to the headband itself using the built-in clip.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Often headphones with unusual design tend to sacrifice audio quality but not so here. The audio is good with plenty of bass, clear and non-muddy mid times and high frequencies which are not sibilant or grating. These are not the best I have ever used but the sound quality is more than adequate and better than many conventional headphones I have used costing much more.

This is an excellent device for home or bedtime use with very decent sound quality but is well made and durable enough for sports use. The current Amazon price of £15.99 makes it particularly attractive.

The Good
Good Sound Quality
Great Price
Good Build Quality
Bluetooth 5
Case for Control Pod
Poor Packaging

The Bad
Tight fit for large heads
No Carry Bag

More Info and Purchase