Fairywill P11 Electric Toothbrush

Here is the new flagship toothbrush from Fairywill and it perhaps a new generation of products for a company known for providing high quality, well presented, budget-priced health care products. The opening price of $49.99 is higher than that usually found for Fairywill products but it does come with a couple of attractive pre-order offers from the Fairywill website of a 20% discount coupon and a free cordless water flosser.

The toothbrush arrived nicely packaged in an attractive and distinctly upmarket product box inside of which was the toothbrush itself, two heads (one prefitted), a short non-standard USB Charging Cable, and a USB cable adapter. No USB charging adapter is included, but any standard phone charger will do. A well-written and nicely printed User Guide was also included and I append this to my unboxing video.

As usual with Fairywill, the build quality seems excellent and although this is a rather lightweight device, the toothbrush feels robust and sturdy and is satisfyingly chunky and easy to hold in the hand. The brush sports a new and rather more stylish design and this coupled with the new posh packaging and increased price kicks Fairywill into a new league. The head is of the sonic rather than rotary type and makes a not unpleasant high pitched buzz when in use. The toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof, so no need to worry if it falls in the bath!

Using the toothbrush was simple and straightforward. At speeds of up to 62000 movements each cycle – the fastest I have seen on any brush – the toothbrush worked fine in all three brushing modes: Clean (62K operation) Soft (56K operation), Massage (56-62 alternating). Selectable by pressing the large Power button, each mode is indicated by a LED display and marked change in sound from the motor. The LED display is attractive but confusing and it is hard to tell which mode the device is using just by looking at it. The automatic memory functions allow the brush to always start in the last mode used. It has a two-minute auto-off timer with 30-second alerts.

The LED display also functions as a charging indicator. The LED will slowly flash when the brush needs charging, show continually when charging is complete before turning off after two minutes. A two-hour charge should be good for at least three weeks of normal use. It is a pity that a non-standard USB cable is used rather than an easily replaced regular cable. A cable adapter is included but I am not sure what for as it allows the non-standard Fairywill cable to be used to feed two micro-USB devices rather than allowing the Brush to be powered from micro-USB.

The brush sat nicely in the hand and was nice and quiet in use. My mouth felt just as clean and refreshed after use as with the high-end brush I usually use. The brushes seem good and strong and look to me like the standard Fairywill type for which but replacements can be found online for £8.99 for a set of four.

This is a first-rate toothbrush, well priced and well made, that works excellently, is easy to use and looks good in the bathroom. My only criticism is the use of a non-standard USB charging port on the device itself, so take care not to lose the charging cable. The current price is not so cheap as usual but this is negated by the very attractive pre-launch offers available. No doubt the standard price will fall after launch.

The Good
Great price
Robust build quality
Attractive New Design
Two heads included
Super High Bushing Speeds
Three modes
IPX7 Water-Resistant
Auto Timer
Good User Guide
Upmarket Packaging

The Bad
Non-standard Charging cable
No USB Adapter
No Carry case
No Charging Stand

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