Jelly Belly Assorted Flavours Sport Beans 28 g (Pack of 6)

Like many runners, I like to take something along to refresh me and hopefully give me more energy when I am out on the road. At one time I used to take gel packs –  small packs of sugary paste which toy squeeze into your mouth – but I found them awkward to carry, tricky to open when running, and they invariably got my fingers gunged up and left me with the problem of having to dispose of a sticky and messy plastic wrapper. So iot was that I turned to sports beans.

I have tried various different types of beans and to be honest they are all pretty much the same and vary only price from expensive to crazy mad expensive.  The pack lists a long range of flavourings, chemicals, vitamins and other nutrients for what that may be worth but do they work, do they help me run better? For me at least, as with the gels, they don’t help me in any way physically to run faster or further. However, they are quite refreshing, prevent a dry mouth and as I always take one at the halfway point in my standard 10K run they give me a mental boost and something to look forward to on the outward half of the run. The beans are small and easy to keep in the pocket or running belt and I pop just one into a small sealed pouch inside my belt. On the road, they are easy to store and more robust than the squashy gel packs and far easy to manipulate when running.

As regards flavour, these beans, like all the others I have tried, have a strong and refreshing taste that does help with a dry or gunged up mouth and although they are fine for running they are not the sort of thing I would eat as a sweet in other circumstances.  The beans come in a range of colours and flavours within each pack but I cannot say I have ever noticed any difference between them but as I only ever eat one per run and I suppose that is to be expected.

Like with all the rivals, these beans are not cheap but the manufacturers know that selling them as a sports accessory means they can inflate the price. There is no way I would pay nearly £2 for a packet of about a dozen small jelly bean type sweets otherwise but I still buy them at £13.29 on Amazon for a pack of six bags.

These are perfectly good sports beans and for me, they work but perhaps not for the reasons the manufacturer would have us believe.