Fooxon USB-C/USB 3.0 Card Reader

This simple little device does what it says on the nicely printed and rather upscale box. Using it you can access files on SD and micro-SD cards with any suitable device with a USB or USB-C socket.

Inside was just the device itself, no accessories or paperwork. All the information needed can be found on the box. In fact, the unit should work with any modern smartphone, PC, Mac or Linux computer. There may be a few exceptions and these are listed on the box and Amazon product page. The reader is made from robust plastic with detachable covers for the USB 3 and USB-C plugs and with both ports clearly marked.

Using it is pretty obvious, just plug it in and go. You may need to turn on the OTG option on some phones and you may be asked to format the drive before use. On most computers, you should just be able to plug it in and use it straight away. I tested it on a Windows 10 PC and two Android phones, one running an older Android version and using an OTG adapter cable, the other on a USB-C phone running Android 9. The reader worked fine in all my tests and I found transfer speeds to be good and fast. I just plugged it in and it worked with a minimum of fuss and bother.

For the current Amazon price of just £6.99, this is something of a no brainer and is well worthwhile buying to keep on hand in your gadget bag for if and when may you need it.

The Good
Great Price
Good Build Quality
Nice Packaging
Fast Data Speeds

The Bad
May Not Work With All Devices
NO OTG Cable Included

More Info and Purchase