Fairywill Four-Layer 7 Blades Razor Kit

The plain unbranded box containing this little new shaving kit from Fairywill, better known as the manufacturer of high quality but budget-priced dental hygiene products, did not make a very encouraging start and neither did the two clearly budget-priced blister packs within. However, don’t be put off by the appearance as in fact this kit is no letdown and lives up to the Fairywill name.

The kit consists of two separately packaged products, the Fairywill Razor with two blades (one prefitted), and reusable blade guard. The second is a refill pack of five further blades.

The razor is very much the same as those from Gillette and other big-name manufacturers and employs a similar (but not compatible) quick release secure blade release mechanism – just depress the button on the razor handle and the blade can be easily pulled free. In common with the more expensive rivals, the Fairywill razor has a multiblade system with four blades with a sculptured leading edge designed to aid water and soap dispersal.

Shaving with it was a smooth, comfortable and gore-free experience that was quick to complete and gave very satisfactory results. The shave I got was every bit as those I have had from dearer rivals and far better than from even a high-end electric shaver. I have not yet had the razor to comment on the longevity of the blades but after a couple of weeks of daily use, I am getting just as good a shave as on day one and with none of the scraping and scratching you get with old blades.

For less than the price of a name brand razor, you get a razor just as good and with seven additional blades, which should be good for several months of daily use. The poor presentation and lack of a storage case will limit the appeal of this item as a gift. Had it been presented in a posh box and with a storage box as part of the kit I would have been happy to pay twice the price.

In conclusion, I would say that this is a budget-priced, good quality, shaving set that is just as good as the big-name rivals but distinctly less expensive.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Great Price
Quick Release Head

The Bad
Poor Presentation
No Storage Case

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