Mbuynow Gopro Gimbal Adapter Mount Plate

You may have just bought a gimbal mount for your smartphone and would like to use it with your GoPro or similar action camera but found it too small to fit in the gimbal mounting clamp. This little £11.99 device from the curiously named Mbuynow may be just what you need.

The device arrived simply packaged in a plain but not unattractive white box. Inside was just the mounting plate itself, mounting bracket and attaching bolts. Build quality seems first-rate. The plate and bracket are made from aluminium alloy with the attaching bolts from brass. There is very little to go wrong but it would not be hard to mislay the bolts and so it is a pity only one set was included and a pity too that there is no case or storage bag.

Fitting is easy enough. The camera goes into the grooved side of the opening, held in place by the bracket, themselves secured by the two bolts. Take note that the bolts lack screwdriver slots and can be awkward and fiddly to tighten using fingers alone and harder still to release.

You may have to play around with positioning the bracket on your gimbal to get the best balance. You may find also that the gimbal will be visible in shot due to the wide-angle lens fitted to most action cameras. Your camera may have an option to reduce the field of view to compensate for this. You may also find that some camera controls are blocked by the camera being too close to the gimbal. You may be able to get around this by mounting the camera upside down, which will put the control buttons on the other side, and then inverting the image either in-camera or when editing. I tested it with a Campark Xtreme V camera and a DJI Osmo 2 gimbal and got satisfactory results after a few adjustments and tweaking.

Do some research before buying, or be prepared to send it back if necessary, This is an excellent device but may not work with all gimbals or cameras. With the right equipment, it can add a whole new dimension to your action cam videos and images.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Good Price
Works Well

The Bad
Fiddly to Fit
Will not work with all cameras or Gimbals
No Case

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