UHURU Gaming Mouse WM-02

Finding a decent quality mouse is not so easy at it seems. I have been looking for some time for a well made, reliable, rechargeable cordless mouse. Of the many, I have found they all seem great at first and then issues start to arise. So too with this new mouse from UHURU.

The mouse arrived nicely presented in a well made mid-market box containing the mouse with the dongle, charging cable, accessory stickers and User guide. I include a scan of the well written and useful User Guide at the end of my unboxing video.

Build quality seems fine, all appears well made and robust with nothing looking likely to fail anytime soon. That said, the mouse does feel physically rather lightweight. I would have rather had a heavier and more substantial feeling model. Also, unlike many gaming mice, this one does not include any weights which can be used to balance the mouse and allow it to move more freely and easily on the desk.

As regards features, most if not all you will need is here. The mouse has five buttons: left, right, two on the left side and top roller button. It has a 5 level DPI selection between 1200 and 7200 using the rear top button. On the underside can be found the On/Off switch and storage compartment for the USB dongle.

The mouse has an internal non-removable rechargeable 600mAh Lithium Polymer battery which is good for up to 500 recharges. The mouse can be used with the supplied 59″ USB cable but is designed for cordless operation using the USB dongle. Just plug the dongle into a USB port on your computer and the two will pair instantly and be recognised by the computer. No problems here and it has worked flawlessly from the start with no drop-outs or delays. Other mice I have used in the past have annoyed with poor scrolling or missing keypresses, but no problems here. I was also pleased to see that the mouse bears the Uhuru brand and so can be easily identified when in the PC, another long-standing issue I have had in the past.

The mouse will work on Windows 10 straight from the box but for best results download and install the control app which allows you to configure the mouse buttons and defaults. Sadly, you cannot control the LED lighting of the mouse which is always on and cannot be turned off or set to a single colour. Another issue, fixable using the control app, is that I found myself continually pressing the rear side button when moving the mouse and I was forced to disable it to retain my sanity.

In all this is an excellent general-purpose mouse which suits me well but serious gamers may be able to find better for the current £23 Amazon price.
The Good
Good Price
Good Build Quality
5 DPI Levels
Branded USB Dongle

The Bad
No Weights
Always On LED
Poor Button Placement
No LED Adjustments

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