Amazon Echo Wall Clock

My first impression is that this is just another cheap plastic wall clock. To an extent, that is what it is but it does have some Alexa features on offer for the pretty reasonable price of £29.99.

The clock arrived cleverly packaged in a complicated cardboard sleeve inside of which were just the clock, basic instruction sheet, wall mounting kit and a set of 4 AA batteries. The 25cm x 4cm clock is lightweight and very basic in appearance and feel. It has a conventional analogue clock face with a row of 60 white LEDs along the circumference and single large status LED at the bottom. On the rear are the battery compartment, Bluetooth pairing button and wall mount keyhole. There is no glass or plastic protection for the clock hands and it is crucial not to touch them as doing so may disturb the delicate mechanism within and cause the device to fail.

Setting the device up as simple as selecting the Echo device I wished to pair it with over Bluetooth – this is not a stand-alone unit and will only work when connected to one and only one existing Echo device – and asking Alexa: “Alexa, set up my Echo Wall Clock”. Setting up can also be done directly from the Alexa smartphone app. Should problems arise there is a button on the rear to manually pair the unit. The clock will pair with pretty much any Echo device but not Amazon TV units. It is important to understand that this is not a stand-alone Alexa unit, but as an add-on to an existing and already connected device. Be aware too that if your connected device is playing music or performing certain other Bluetooth related tasks then the clock timer will not work whilst it is doing so.

Once set up the clock will automatically set itself to the time of the paired device and begin functioning. You can set one or more timers for any length of time and see the display count down on the 60 LED on the circumference of the clock face. The LED’s will flash when the timer is up.

Once all set up the clock does work perfectly well both as a regular kitchen style clock and as an Alexa timer. The clock is silent in operation and has no alarm sounds of its own, these have to come from the connected Alexa device. The clock face is large and easy to read and the timer LED’s are hard to miss.

This is a simple addition to the Alexa range with one function which it performs well. It is no thing of beauty but for the price, you cannot expect too much more.

If you are an Alexa user and lack a kitchen or office clock then this would be a nice way of enhancing Alexa’s capabilities without breaking the bank

The Good
Budget Price
Easy to Configure
Batteries Supplied
Timer display fails When Connected Device Busy
Only Connects to one Each Device

The Bad
No Clock Hands Protection
Needs a separate Echo Device to Function
Cheap Build Quality
Basic Looks

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