APERIL Reusable Food Storage Bags -6 Pack

This pack of six heavy-duty reusable food storage bags from APERIL arrived simply but adequately packed in a plastic bag of their own. Inside were the storage bags and a set of three stainless steel drinking straws together with a cleaning brush. No paperwork or other items were included and none needed.

The bags, designated as sandwich bags but suitable for any food item, are made from extra thick FDA-grade Eco-friendly PEVA materials – a type of biodegradable silicone – and feel soft and flexible to the touch but almost impossible to tear or puncture in normal use. The six colour-coded bags have a double ziplock seal and are very secure when closed. The material above the ziplock is larger than on most rivals to allow for a better grip. In my tests, the bag could be upended safely when full of water, but I do not advise storing fluids in them.

The 8.66″ x 7.28″ bags are fine for use in the freezer but are not suitable for microwaving. For food and lunch storage these bags are safer and more eco-friendly than cling film or most throwaway bags and with care should last for years.

The three bonus reusable metals straws are no throwaway item and are a decent product in their own right. Each straw has rounded and safe ends, a knurled finish to the bends and comes with a flexible brush to allow hygienic cleaning through the full inside length.

For the current Amazon price of £10.88 (promotions may be available at the checkout), this is an excellent buy.

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