APERIL Reusable Food Storage Bags – 10 Pack

This set of reusable snack and storage bags from Aperil arrived in minimal but adequate eco-friendly packaging in accord with the environmentally friendly claims of the product. No paperwork or other items were included and none needed. They are slightly dearer than many rivals but are they any better?

The bags, six 22 x 18.5 cm lunch bags and four 22 x 12 cm snack bags are made from extra thick FDA-grade Eco-friendly PEVA materials – a type of biodegradable silicone – and feel soft and flexible to the touch but almost impossible to tear or puncture in normal use. Both sizes of the bag have a double ziplock seal and are very secure when closed. The material above the ziplock is larger than on most rivals to allow for a better grip. In my tests, after careful sealing, the bags could be upended safely when full of water, but I do not advise storing fluids in them.

The silicon-based material from which they are made is flexible, foldable and very strong and should last for years with careful use. Unlike most lesser rivals these have a double ziplock seal which makes them less likely to pop open in transit and better able to keep the contents both fresh and protected.

The bags are fine for use in the freezer but are not suitable for microwaving. For food and lunch storage these bags are safer and more eco-friendly than cling film or most throwaway bags and with care should last for years.

For the current Amazon price of £13.88 (promotions may be available at the checkout), given the good quality and potential long life of the bags, this is not a bad price indeed.

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