KollyKolla 5ooml Custom Insulated Sports Water Bottle

I have tried other water bottles from KollyKolla in the past and have always been impressed by their quality, design and attention to detail. This new one is no exception.

Prices vary but it can be found on Alibaba for $20 or less. It looks great, sleek and sexy made from stainless steel with a powder coating in a range of colours, finish and a retro look bottle shape. It is just under 25cm, weighs in at less than 250gm empty, has a capacity of 500ml with a double insulated wall to maintain the temperature of the contents. It comes with two stoppers. One has a removable filter and carry handle, the other had a quick release drinking nozzle with two plastic straws supplied for optional use with it. Both stoppers are fully watertight when in place and the drinking spout in the closed position. However, there is no separate lock for the spout.

In use, I found it kept my drink hot for a normal working day and cold for longer than that. The wide mouth is better for pouring and makes it easier to add ice cubes and other solids to the bottle but I found made it slightly more difficult to drink from without leakage. I found the screw top easy to engage and once in place secure enough and fully watertight. It is a pity, however, that there is no anti-spill drinking valve mechanism fitted. That said, the bottle does the job well and looks great whilst doing so.

This bottle is very close to being a storage flask with the wide mouth lending itself well to this. For the gym is well suited as it is large, robust and easy to open. I have carried it with me on a few walks now and it has yet to let me down, keeping the contents cool and with no sign of leaks or spillage.

The current price is certainly attractive and if you are after a stylish and robust drinking bottle or flask then this would be a great buy.

The Good
Stylish Looks
Good Build Quality
Good Price
Holds temperature well
Robust construction
Carry Handle
Drinking Spout
Good Presentation

The Bad
No lock for Drinking spout.

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