SZMDLX Projection Clock Radio Alarm

Projection Clock Radios have been available for many years now and it is hard to choose one from another. This new model from the curiously named SZMDLX company does not bring a great deal new to the breakfast table but what it does it does rather better than most of the cheaper and lesser rivals.

Inside the attractive mid-market box were the clock itself, a USB to micro-USB power cord and a well written but rather small and hard to read User Guide. I include a scan of the Guide at the end of my unboxing video, switch to full screen and pause to read it.

Build quality is good. The 17×8.9×3.7cm 220g clock has a more upmarket and substantial feel to it than many others I have tried and it feels reassuringly substantial in the hand. The many buttons and controls are well laid out, easy to find in the dark, large and well labelled.

On the front panel is the large six-inch blue LED screen which aside from the time also tells you the day of the week, AM/PM, temperature (Celcius or Fahrenheit), Summertime enabled, Snooze time, Radio On time, Alarm 1 status, Alarm 2 status. Curiously, it does not show the date. Next to the LED display is the rotatable LED projector with the focus wheel for it on the side. On top are dials to control snooze status/projection brightness and orientation and audio volume/time settings. Also on top are buttons for radio station auto/manual and listening time preset, manual station selection, Alarm 1 status, Alarm 2 status. On the back are the micro-USB power-in port and USB charging port for external devices, and the housing bay for the two AAA backup batteries which also contains the extra-long string antenna when not in use. The ambient temperature sensor is also to be found there.

The clock can either be used as a conventional bedside clock with five levels of brightness easily selectable for the LED screen or as projection clock which can be used either with the front screen on or off. The 0.5-8m projected image can be rotated to display on the ceiling or wall through 180 degrees in front or behind the clock. The image can also be flipped over to face front or back for easier reading. There are four levels of brightness for the remote image and this can be focused using the thumbwheel on the side of the unit.

As an alarm clock, it works particularly well. It has two separate alarms which can be individually programmed for selected days. It can wake you either with the radio to your selected station or a gradually increasing 120 decibel VERY LOUD alarm. Touch any top panel button to kill the alarm. A snooze feature which multiple snooze times can also be used.

Currently available from Amazon for £29.99 (at the time of writing with a further 6% reduction),  this is a good price for a well made and feature-rich clock which is a cut above most of the many rivals.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Two Alarms
5 Level Screen Dimmer
4 Level Projector Dimmer
9 level Sleep timer
Flip Projected Time
Battery Backup
USB Power in
USB Power Out
Unlimited Radio Presets

The Bad
No Date Display
No USB Adapter Included

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