As summer comes to an end it is time to start planning for winter and as a keen walker, I know the importance of finding decent quality warm winter socks for my hiking boots.  Although not the cheapest I have seen, priced at £11.99, this pack of three pairs from WARMLAND seem a worthwhile buy.

The socks arrived simply packed with no external boxing for the set, the socks stuffed into a simple shipping bag although each pair with their display and information labelling.

The socks have a thick and upmarket feel to them and, are probably too thick to be work comfortably with socks, these are more suited for wear either in boots or loose-fitting slippers.  When warn in my walking boots they feel soft, padded and very warm. I have worn them a few times to try them out and I still get that floating on air feeling that comes with new, thick socks.

How will they last? Too early to say yet, but having washed them once they emerged from the machine wash as they went in although I had to smooth the lining back into place as it had folded up within itself. That said, with care I have no reason to doubt these socks will last just as long as any other.

For the price, these are a good buy.

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