Vecoacopd Rechargeable EMS Abs Training Set – New Version

This new and updated EMS muscle trainer from Vecoacopd is now available for just $ 35.99, I so for that price I decided to give it a go. I had an earlier and similar device but this one uses rechargeable batteries rather than coin-sized ones and replaces the remote control with more intuitive and easier to use on-device controls.

The device arrived in an attractive if somewhat low-end box resembling that of a high tech gadget than an exercise device. In many ways that is what it is as it aims to simplify and rationalise muscle toning through the application of smart new technologies. Of course, electrically stimulated muscle toners have been around for quite a while but this is one of the first I have seen of this type.

In the box was the large abdominal pad, two smaller pads, three identical control pods, a single very short USB to micro-USB charging cable, and a large, easy to read User Guide. I attach a scan of the most important sections to my unboxing video. No storage bag or case is provided. Although we probably all have plenty of the USB adapters needed to power this device it is a pity that none were provided in the box. Keep in mind that to charge all the units at once three USB charging ports will be needed as well as two additional cables.

Using the device is simple enough. After charging (which takes about two to three hours) the battery/controller units via USB, carefully clip the units to the gel pads. Fit the gel pads to the body areas in need of work, pushing down carefully and holding in place for a second or so if necessary. Make sure the skin is dry, clean and sweat-free first. Take care the pads are applied correctly as failure to do so can be painful when the device is turned on. Unlike with most rivals, no external gels or liquids are needed to ensure a good electrical contact but the supplied waist belt can hold the abdominal pad in place if needed.

Turn the unit on by pushing and briefly holding the power button in the middle of each battery unit, the button is poorly marked but can be felt easily enough, a blue LED will turn on and a voice will sound to announce your current mode or intensity level. Listen up as it is not very loud. It begins at intensity level one and the level can be adjusted from one to ten using the plus and minus buttons, the blue status LED will indicate which button you have pressed. To turn off long-press the power button again. The abs pad and the two supplementary pads are controlled separately and independently of each other.

It is important to remove the gel pad slowly and carefully, pulling it off roughly may damage the delicate pad. Wipe the pad with a dry cloth and then stick it carefully to the shiny side of the storage board provided in the kit. You can

It takes a bit of getting used to at first. It can be quite uncomfortable if not painful at first if the device is turned up too high. It is best to start at the lowest level and to work your way up over time. It goes without saying that this device will only work in conjunction with a healthy diet and at least moderate whole-body exercise. This device can only be looked at as being part of an overall fitness regime.

I have not yet had the kit long enough to give a definitive answer over how well it actually works but I can say that in about a week or so my upper arm muscles are certainly looking more toned and fit and my abdominal muscles certainly feel like they have been working hard and so I am hopeful for the future.

There are many better presented and more upmarket rivals to this device but I doubt any of them work any better and expect to pay twice the price or more of this budget unit. If you are new to EMS training then this might well be the best place to start,

The Good
Great price
Easy to use
No electrical gel needed
10 intensity levels
Six exercise modes
The Bad
No Storage Case
Needs delicate handling and storage
No USB charging adapter provided
Only 1 USB cable included

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