Gvoo Halloween Projector Light

I have tried several holiday light projectors before and they all used slot-in cards containing coloured slides to be projected like an old-style magic lantern. This new Halloween projector from Gvoo uses a new and rather more modern technique to project a rotating circular image pattern that is far brighter and more vibrant than the old-style units although with a smaller range of images.

Inside the unmarked white product box was the projector itself, a ground spike mount, a stand mount with base, and a multi-voltage 14w power supply. The projector comes with a standard UK plug which is IP44 waterproof with the projector waterproof to IP65. The projector should be good anywhere in the garden but keep the plug out of direct rain. It is a pity there is no hood to keep water off the lens as although it is perfectly safe to use water might degrade the projected image. No User Guide or instructions are included or required.

Using the device is simple enough. Position the projector a good distance from the house to get a large image, ten to twenty metres is suggested, and switch on. There are no controls, not even an on/off button and no option to select images or vary image rotation speed. Just plug it in and walk away. It is a pity there is no timer to allow it to be plugged in overnight without annoying the neighbours.

The effect is striking and very different from the lantern type rivals. The image is very bright and can produce images far larger and brighter than the old style rivals.

Currently available from Amazon for £14.99, this would make a nice addition to your Halloween garden.

The Good
Good price
Good Build Quality
Easy to Use

The Bad
No lens hood
No Timer

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