Chefic 2 Soap Dishes & 3 Soap Bags set

This set of bathroom accoutrements has a sort of rustic charm to them and it clear that they are genuinely hand made. The set consists of two varnished wooden soap holders, each 11.5 x 8 x 2cm, and three 12x9cm sisal fibre soap bags. The products arrived in a plain unbranded box and with no paperwork or User Guide and none needed.

What is sisal, used to make the soap bags, you may ask? It is a species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in many other countries and produces a soft fibre traditionally used for rope and twine.

The soap holders are made from bamboo wood, varnished to a mild teak colour and are designed to allow prevent soap from becoming wet or slimy when not in use and to dry naturally in the air. The soap bags have a similar function but can be suspended from a hook to do so. The soap bags can also be used with the soap in place during washing to generate and enhance the lather as well as to allow the soap to be held more securely. No more dropping the soap! You can also use the bags with shower gel or other skins cleaning products for a better exfoliating effect. Although it depends on the soap you use, take care not to squeeze the soap too hard when working up a lather to prevent is sticking too hard to the bag.

After several days of use, I have to say I cannot recommend this product. The wooden soap holders really are just too crudely made and cheap looking to have in my house and the soap bags quickly become slimy and enmeshed with to soap and take several days to dry.

Even for the low Amazon price of £5.99, just walk away…