WESTLIGHT Sports Chest Light

As a runner myself I have tried a few night lights. The ones I have tried have been armbands or shoe clip-ons that work well enough and are fine for road runs of up to a couple of hours or so. However, off-road runners don’t just need to make passing vehicles aware of them but also to navigate and find their way in total darkness. This is where a powerful front-facing lamp such as the one here is needed.

The kit arrived in a colourfull mid-market box containing the pre-assembled harness with lights in place and a short USB to micro-USB charging cable. No instructions or other paperwork was needed or included.

The kit consists of a chest harness with quick-release buckle and an adjustable elasticated strap. On the front is a plastic holder for the small but powerful 500 Lumen lamp with a 3 position button built-in. The front assembly also includes a small compass and a mount for a GoPro style camera. You will need to provide your own standard clip to mount it in place. A thin wire runs from the chest assembly to the rear lightbox which contains the powerful rear-facing flashing red LED and rechargeable battery with a grommet protected USB port. The single control button operates front and rear lights together, they cannot be used singly, but you can scroll through the three brightness levels of the front lamp whilst the rear lamp remains the same.

Charging the 2200 mAh battery from flat takes around five hours and can give up to six hours of light, depending on the brightness level selected.

In use the light works well and when off-road it is very useful to be able to point the lamp downward to see immediately in front as you run. The camera mount works well too and my camera fell safe and secure at all times. You can mount the camera above or below the mount bracket, although you may need to adjust the image orientation when editing to allow for the inverted image.

This is not a light that will suit every runner, but off-road runners or walkers will find it particularly useful due to the down-facing path illuminating light option and the extra-long battery life. The device is IPX5 water resistant, so it should be fine in normal rain but avoid water immersion.

For the current £15.59 Amazon price for those that need it, this is a great buy.

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