BEBIRD Wireless Otoscope, Ear Camera

Although I have tried several endoscopes before this is the first ear health-focused otoscope I have tried, although in reality, the real difference is in the application rather than design.

This kit is very nicely packaged and presented and contains not just the device itself but a range of accessories designed for ear health and cleanliness. In the rather posh box can be found the Otoscope, USB to micro-USB charging cable, 22 piece accessories kit, and a well printed, easy to read but rather brief User Guide. The accessories kit consists of a silicone sleeve that sits around the steel tip of the unit to prevent it being inserted too far and a range of ear spoons, swabs, and scrapers and a curious item resembling a tiny fly whisk. I have no wish to know what some of them do, I can only shudder and guess at their purpose,

Build quality seems first-rate. From the presentation box onwards the item has a quality and upmarket feel to it with the otoscope itself lacking the clinical design that might be expected but instead having the subtle, smooth design of a high-end digital pencil.

The unit has built-in 300mAh battery which can run for about an hours from a single charge and uses a standard micro-USB port. A short USB to Micro-US cable is provided but thanks to the avoidance of a proprietory socket replacement cables can easily be found.

Operating the device is entirely done using the bebird app. The Android version I used was slick and easy to use. There is no need to register an account, a refreshing change in itself, and it was simple and easy to jump from the bebird app to the Android settings to link to the password-free hotspot generated by the pen-like device. Once connected you can stream and view 1080p@30fps live video in either upright or landscape formats and record video or still images. I found the resultant video to be rather jerky but that may well be down to issues with my phone. I encountered no dropouts and the app was stable and responsive.

Although designed for examining the ear I doubt I will use it for that purpose. I tried it down my ear briefly and even though my ears were syringed by the nurse just a few weeks ago the resultant images were too disturbing for public viewing. The device itself did a great job.

For home use, this would be an excellent choice as it is quick and easy to use and the non-clinical design will serve to reassure those intimidated by medical instruments. The is a Quality piece of kit, and for such a specialised item, a good buy for £43.88.

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