extremade Smartphone Stabilizer Kit with Microphone

This useful kit consists of an adjustable smartphone hand grip together with a clip-on microphone and a soft carry bag to hold the kit when disassembled. At first sight, it looks like a gimbal but do not be fooled this is an old-school grip, but none the worse for that.

In the box, you receive the handgrip, in several parts waiting for assembly, the microphone with lapel clip and hard wired to a 1.5m cable, a couple of spare pop filters (one is prefitted), a lanyard wrist strap which screws to the bottom of the handgrip, and a soft carry case.

The microphone works fine and rather better than I expected for the budget £16.91 price. I tested it for both voice and music, and both sounded excellent.

The grip is also better than I expected, the build quality is high and it has some nice refinements such as the cold shoe mount on the top and tripod screw mount on the bottom which can also be used for the supplied lanyard wrist mount

The phone mount, into which my 6″ phone in its case will fit, can be removed from the handgrip and attached to a tripod for studio use.

This is an excellent little kit and will prove useful for anyone planning to expand the way they use their smartphone.

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