Joom F9-5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I got this headset as a cheap item to test the Chinese online retailer Joom and out of curiosity to see what sort of a headset could be got for just £14 including shipping. I have bought from other Chinese online stores in the past and found some bargain items as well as plenty of worthless junk.

Rather than the piece of junk I was expecting I got one of the best TW headsets I have ever tried, yes, even compared to models I have tested from Jabra and Zolo costing over £200. That may sound over the top but it is true, this really is one of the best TW headsets I have used and is currently my default set for home use.

In the rather cheap and nasty box were the earbuds themselves, three sets of gels (one prefitted), a short USB to micro-USB charging cable, Charging Case, and a poorly printed but well-written User guide.

This headset has Bluetooth 5, auto Off/On, a numeric LED battery case display, magnetic bud retention, and the case even works as a charger for external USB devices. Best of all the sound quality is one of the best I have tried, with plenty of bass and a good clear well-separated sound. If I had to quibble over the sound I would say that the top frequencies can be a little bit harsh at times, but only at top volume, and yes, these earbuds are LOUD. The Bluetooth connection is automatic and very stable with no dropouts. The two buds can even be used separately and connected to different devices simultaneously. The buds have just one button each, a proper clicky button with a good positive feel which can hurt the ears at times and performs all the usual functions: Volume Up/Down, Track Advance/Replay, Call handling, invoking Siri.

The buds are described as being waterproof although no specific IPX rating is given. For that reason and because they do not feel quite so secure in my ears as my Jabra Elite Active 65t’s I do not use them for running. The rather cheap feeling case is magnetic, which is great as it prevents the buds falling out and makes it easier to fit them in the case, but it is a bit tricky extricating them at times and when the buds are inserted the clear plastic fronted case lights up along with the buds. This lightshow display can be a bit of a nuisance when using them at night. One big feature is the LED numeric display inside the case showing the charging and case battery status. This seems to work well although you can watch it counting down very rapidly if you try and use the Powerbank option to charge external USB devices. Yes, the Powerbank option does work but it is strictly for emergency use only.

On balance this is is one of the best TW headsets I have ever tried, both for the sound quality and feature set. This would be a good buy at £50 and with a more premium feel to it at twice that price.
How can they do it for £14?

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