ieGeek 8827-8G 8GB Digital Voice Recorder

£28.99 buys you a well made and professional looking audio recorder with a colour screen, ports for external mic and headphones, noise reduction, auto record, auto-pause, that also serves well as an MP3 player.

Build quality seems first-rate and the device has a premium feel to it. The only problems are the poorly written and hard to read user Guide, the use of the ancient Mini-USB cable for the charging/computer link port and the lack of a carry case.

Using it is easy enough but some time will need to be spent – in my case with the aid of a magnifying glass – to read the User Guide and configure the various settings available: date, audio file format, audio source, sampling rate, etc. Since I will probably keep to the same settings this is for me a one time job. After that, it is a simple enough matter to make the recordings and simple enough too to get them off the device by using the supplied cable which then allows the recorder to be mounted as an external drive. Take care not to lose that cable as it employs the venerable mini-USB plug and cables of that type are getting harder to find these days.

Audio quality is fine and the G built-in memory is more than enough for most users. That said, it is a pity there is no provision for an external memory card. It is a pity too that no carry case is included in the kit. The supplied headset is of decent quality and better than I was expecting. This is important as the device can also be used as a perfectly serviceable MP3 player.

All in all a good buy, but probably no better than the many similarly priced rivals.

The Good
Great Build Quality
Good Audio Quality
Easy to Use
Simple PC Connection
Noise Reduction

The Bad
Poor User Guide
Old Style Mini-USB port
No Carry case
Takes Time to Configure

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