FM London Mens Work Socks (12 Pair Pack)

These medium to heavyweight socks are fine for general purpose or work use. Too thick for formal wear and perhaps not thick enough for outdoor extreme winter wear they are fine for most purposes in the cold season. I wear them as everyday socks and for country walks. They are not things of beauty but they look good enough and certainly get the job done. At just over £1 a pair you cannot fault them on price.

Manufacture seems fine with reinforced toes and heels and moderate elasticity. So far after quite a few weeks of daily wear, none of the socks are showing any sign of excessive wear or working into holes. Usually, socks don’t last long for me and after a few weeks of wear, they always seem to wear into holes and fail at the toes or heels. Not so here, these socks are going strong after several months of use with some slight colour fading and a small reduction in elasticity being the only signs of age,

The current price of £13.49 is a good one for this 12 pair pack of everyday decent quality work socks.

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