HangRui 8.0MP Rechargeable Kids Camera

I have reviewed toy cameras before and most of them are just that – toys. I was not expecting any more from this little camera but in fact not only do you get a lot for your money but the results from the camera were far better than I expected.

In the box as well as the camera and a few throwaway items were an external memory card reader and a prefitted 32GB micro-SD card. The camera itself has soft silicone skin and feels pretty child safe. It is about the same size as an action camera, and I suspect the inner workings and hardware had once been used in action camera a few years ago and have been reused here with adapted firmware. There are now a few filters and frames available as well as some simple games which can be played on the 2.4″ screen but in essence this is a normal camera. The camera even has a selfie camera and flashlight built-in. The camera is not listed as being waterproof but does have a grommet sealed side panel for the ports and SD card, so it may well be splashproof at least.

Results were far better than I expected. Had this been a more expensive action camera I might have been annoyed. But for a kids camera, the results not half bad. Some highlights were blown out but the 1080p video was reasonably sharp and free from any colour casts if slightly flat. Although I did not process any of the pix or video in my review I feel that with a bit of tweaking the final results would have been fine. Yes, so it is possible to get perfectly acceptable results from this little camera, much to my surprise.

Using the camera is easy enough for older users but I suspect three-year-olds may struggle a bit, mainly because the camera has so many features. There are five buttons on the rear and one on top which allow you to switch between video and stills mode, turn the flash off and on, switch between front and selfie camera and review and edit files. Most kids will just need the top button to take photos and video. The User Guide helps with this and is well written and nicely printed.

If you have a budding photographer or YouTuber in the house then for the Amazon price of £29.99 this would be a great way to start them off.
The Good
Good Video Quality
Good Stills Quality
Great price
Good Build Quality
SD Card Included

The Bad
Maybe too complicated for very young children

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