RUCACIO Dog Toothbrush

This is more than just a chew toy, in fact, it is designed to keep your dogs’ teeth clean through the abrasive effect of the rubber nodules and ribbed surface of the toothbrush on the teeth coupled with the action of canine toothpaste dispensed by the brush.

I bought the largest size, perhaps a mistake, as a smaller size might have suited my two dogs better. The result was that although neither dog showed any desire to chew on the product, it worked perfectly as a slow feeder and kept them both absorbed for long periods trying to lick the meat paste I rubbed into the recessed surfaces and grooves of the item. The item is heavier and better made than I expected and is strong and robust enough to defy all but the very largest dogs from chewing it to destruction.

The idea of the toothbrush is a good one and cleverly realised here with an opening on the top of the toy into which canine toothpaste can be squirted which will then be automatically dispensed to the chewing surface through tiny apertures in the body of the unit. The toy is also mildly scented with a creamy flavour appealing to dogs. After use, the toothbrush can be cleaned using the tiny brush provided which slips neatly into the grooves of the item for storage.

Priced at £14.99 for the largest version with the smaller proportionately cheaper. this is a great way to keep your dogs’ teeth clean or to use as a slow feeder and chew toy. For the price, it is a great buy (but be sure to buy the right size!)

The Good
Good Build Quality
Clever Design
Paste Dispensing Holes
Good Price
Cleaning Brush Included

The Bad
Important to Select The Right Version

More Info and Purchase