FAMINESS Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape

This tape is not really a tape. At first sight, it looks like it is just another double-sided sticky tape, but it is rather more than that. In fact, it is a malleable, stretchable super sticky gel that can be used to stick almost anything to almost anything else. It comes in the form of a 3M x 30mm length with a peel-off protective layer.

To use it, after first ensuring the surface to be used is clean and dry, cut the length off that you require and if necessary form it to the shape you need. Stick the bottom surface down and when in position remove the protective skin from the top and press the item to be glued in place. The fact that it can be shaped and easily moved around and repositioned makes it stand above conventional double-sided tapes. Like with most adhesive products it is best not to use it on peeling, greasy or flaky surfaces.

The appeal of this product, rather than it’s adhesive qualities (there are stronger glues available) is that it can be peeled off, washed and reused although I would guess there is a limit to how often it can be reused. In some ways, it is closer to Blu-Tack than to normal tape although it is far stickier and more adhesive than Blu-Tack.

For the £7.99 price, this is an interesting new product with a wide range of potential uses around the home.

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