YUKOIE 26800mAh Power Bank

This new unit from YUKOIE is pretty much a standard medium-sized Power Bank but does bring a couple of interesting features to the table unusual for a device in this price range.

The power bank arrived nicely packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard box robust enough to store the unit in if needed. Supplied with the power bank was a short USB to micro-USB charging cable and a small but well written and easy to read User Guide, not that you are likely to need it. I enclose a scan of it at the end of my unboxing video just in case you do.

Although smaller than I expected the power bank is still quite chunky. It seems very robust and well made and capable of surviving a knock or two. It has the look and feel of a high-end device with an attractive silk black skin, front panel LCD display and unusual twin LED flashlight.

All the ports are on one end and consist of the micro-USB and USB-C inputs (which both input power at the same rate 5v/2.A), and three standard USB power out ports for power out, which again both output at 5v/2A each. A recessed power/display switch is on one side and the small LED power screen is within the black front panel.

I tested it with my OnePlus 5T phone and my Tablet and found the charging times to be fast with no sign of overheating either from the power bank or connected device. The device is equipped with the appropriate circuit to protect against overheating and overcharging.

It is a pity that there is no USB-C power outport as most high-end modern smartphones now feature this interface. It lacks some of the other whistles and bells that some other chargers have but the lack of them does not bother me as I am looking for a Powerbank, not a device to get stones out of horses hooves. It does have a dual-lens flashlight, I am not sure what advantages this brings but it does show that some thought has gone into the design process. It is certainly a powerful charger capable of charging an iPhone 8 at least 7 times, the Galaxy S8 6 times, the iPad Air 2 times and most android devices several times over.

This is a powerful and well-made power bank, free from distracting and unneeded features but focused on charging, which it does exceptionally well. The price, currently at £22.99, is good for the features and capacity as is the robust high-end build quality. This is a good Power Bank and a worthwhile buy.

The Good
Great price
Two 2A Output ports
Robust design
Great Build Quality
Attractive Design
Good User Guide
LCD Display
Dual Power in Ports
Dual Lens Flashlight

The Bad
No USB C output port
No Carry bag
More Info and Purchase